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social media advertising funnel diagram to build an email list of qualified leads

When used strategically, social media advertising is a tool that can rapidly accelerate the growth of your small business.

How does Social Media Advertising work?
Social media advertising simply takes your best performing offers or promotions and shows them exclusively to the people most likely to be interested. Then, people who want to take advantage of your offer submit their contact information in exchange for the deal.

That’s it! Now you have a new qualified lead interested in your business.

Can Social Media Advertising work for my business?
If your ideal client is someone who owns a phone or a computer, then social media advertising can work for you.


Ad Management

  • Email List Building

$1,000.00 Monthly

  • One promotional offer

  • Drive traffic to your existing website

  • Ad management

  • Monthly reporting

Ad Management & Landing Pages

  • Local Lead Generation

  • Online Appointment Booking

  • Preorder / Waitinglists

$1,500.00 Monthly

  • Ad management

  • Geography-based ads

  • Custom landing Pages

  • Email follow-up sequence

  • 2 reports per month

90-Day Product Launch

  • Full funnel build-out for a digital product.

$3,000.00 Monthly

  • Ad management

  • Custom landing pages

  • Landing page optimization

  • Sales pages

  • Email marketing consulting

  • Content marketing strategy

  • 2 reports per month


Why Every Business Needs an Email List

how to build an email list without a website

What do Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube users all have in common? Every single one of them has an email address.

Email marketing is a tool that you can use to build relationships, sell products, and grow your business online. Email marketing is more reliable than social media when it comes to message delivery. If an email is sent to someone who requested it, the email gets delivered. No algorithm to interfere with your message being heard. Email is one of the best ways to stay top of mind and to generate referrals.

Most businesses keep the email addresses of their customers but don’t do anything with them. Reach out to your past customers via email and reengage them.

How to Build An Email List

Not sure what to include in your next advertisement? Create an offer that can help your ideal client get a small win right away. If you are trying to find new clients locally, offer them exclusive access or a financial incentive to do business with you. If your goal is to build an email list, start by creating a small piece of content that thoroughly explains one topic in your area of expertise. Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes and then create something that they would genuinely find valuable.

Here are some common examples of offers that both local and online business use to generate leads.

  • Information products (ex: Free e-book download).

  • Videos (ex: 3-part training series).

  • Discounts (ex: 50% off coupon code, Buy-one-get-one).

  • Exclusive access (ex: Preregistration or priority notifications).

Social media advertising for real estate and local businesses
social media advertising specialist canada who works with real estate and local businesses

Landing Pages vs Websites

If you’re going to spend money generating traffic then make sure you give that traffic the best chance to convert into new leads. Sending ad traffic directly to your website can be inefficient and costly because of all of the distractions present on your website. Every button on your website that does not turn prospects into leads is putting friction between your site visitors and the purpose of their visit.

Focus on conversion. Convert more leads by driving traffic to a fully-optimized landing page designed to generate leads for your business.

help using paid advertising to build your email list
landing pages vs web pages for better conversion rates.